Long Term Disability Claims can be Resolved Quickly and with Little to No Stress
Do I have a case?
5 Facts about Long Term Disability
1) Most long term disability claims we handle resolve quickly with insurance companies paying our clients what is owed to them.
2) Once we get involved, we deal with the insurance company directly. You won't get any more calls, emails or letters from your adjuster, leaving you to focus on your health.
3) You have very limited time to make a claim for payments owed to you if you are denied or cut off long term disability.
4) If you don't let us stand and fight for your rights, you won't get the disability money you are rightfully owed.
5) We will tell you the truth. If you have a case, we will tell you why. If you don't, we will tell you why not.
5 Myths about Long Term Disability
1) Once you are denied or cut payments, there is nothing you can do. WRONG!
2) Appeals work. RARELY!
3) You can fight the insurer on your own. AT YOUR PERIL!
4) You can wait indefinitely to fight a denial or cut off benefits. NO! There are strict time limitations under the law.
5) You will have to pay upfront to fight the insurance company. NEVER!
5 Common Excuses for why Insurance Companies Deny or Cut Off Long Term Disability Claims
1) The documentation provided does not support "total disability".
2) You refuse to participate in a return to work program.
3) You can do another job.
4) Our doctor disagrees with yours.
5) You haven't followed treatment recommendations.
5 Strategies to Strengthen your Long Term Disability Claim
1) Follow the recommendations of your treatment providers.
2) Limit what you post online, especially on social media.
3) Don’t ignore requests for documentation from your insurance company.
4) Document your communication with your adjuster in writing (email is fine).
5) Contact us as soon any problem arises, or if you get a “gut” sense that the insurance company is going to deny or cut off your benefits.
Sivan Tumarkin is a co-founding partner of Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. He is the head of the Firm’s insurance, injury and disability group and also the host of the Insurance and Injury Law Show on AM640 radio in Toronto on Saturdays at 6pm and Sundays at noon.
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